New Direction Connection

We have been buying and selling NOS and good clean used MOPAR muscle car parts since 1987, and started on the internet in 1997. We have sent many parts all over the world. There are still a large amount of Mopar parts here that need new homes. At this point I am looking for a one and done buyer, someone to buy it all at a very good price, or trade for something (like a turnkey car) that I can sell in one shot. The reasoning for this is we are moving to another country. This summer has been one of cleaning sorting and organizing… selling parts at 90s pricing was the motto. Well, fall is here and it is time. will give you an idea of the new venture, and maybe it is time to build another car once we are settled.

There are far more parts available than I had on the old website. If you are an interested buyer of a large amount of NOS and used parts, please send me an email at

Second part of the new venture is the mostly Mopar memorabilia… tshirts, mugs, masks, buffs… and more. Just cool stuff that I like, that you may like too. Currently I am selling some of this stuff at my eBay store, with much more to come, and the parts will be removed. musclerecords is my name there. I may search around and add Amazon or Etsy or Shopify or something… just not sure yet, and have too much to attend to here until we are gone. Once I am in Costa Rica I will have the time to streamline all of this.

Mugs Beanies Buffs Shirts

Mopar style

Artistically Purposeful

Many in the works, totes, sandals, shorts have ideas?

Working Together

I can have all kinds of products made, have ideas? Email me.